Investment Management

Protecting and Growing Your Wealth


We are a team dedicated to objectively seeking the most effective investment solutions for each individual client. We recognize that markets continually evolve, and no singular investment discipline is constantly rewarded. For that reason, diversification of risk and alpha represents the foundation of our practice, along with continual identification and removal of subjective biases within our investment decision process.

Our goal is simple: perform well across market cycles. To enable this, we constantly collaborate within our investment team to draw upon the most effective capabilities, whether internal or external.

"The capital market is unforgiving of sedentary mindsets. The best way to innovate is to assemble a team with broad perspectives and differentiated thinking – then rigorously test the best of these ideas within an evidenced-based decision framework. This is how we find the proper balance between risk and return for each individual client."


Every strategy we develop is fully customized and begins with a clear understanding of each client’s unique financial requirements; there is no cookie-cutter approach. Each portfolio is carefully analyzed and refined using decades of experience drawn from both institutional and personal asset management. We continuously review the investment thesis, while integrating individual estate and financial planning concepts to achieve our client’s goals. Every decision is designed to preserve and grow capital in the most tax-efficient way possible.

The Pallas investment team designs macro models for market cycle regime identification in conjunction with systematic security selection, and actively seeks external managers in esoteric pockets of investment opportunities. This combination of philosophy and process enables us to best serve our clients, thus empowering them to achieve multi-faceted financial goals.

Investment Management Services

Tailored portfolio management

We customize portfolios to achieve your goals and accommodate your risk profile.

Asset allocation

Selection of investment vehicles extends from liquidity needs, return goals, and risk diversification opportunities.

Risk management

We comprehensively and systematically balance risk exposure for individual circumstances.

Fiduciary responsibility

We believe deeply in our fiduciary obligations and we acknowledge this responsibility in writing.

Open access

We strive to provide the best performing and most consistent investment vehicles across the globe.

Research and analysis

We utilize disciplined financial insights to empower you and your portfolio at every step.