Financial Planning

Navigating Your Financial Complexities

Our Philosophy

Wealth management too often takes place in silos as traditional firms typically do not take the time to collaborate and integrate all aspects of a client’s financial life. Pallas is different. We have built a model to manage the complete continuity of coverage between all of your trusted advisors-your accountants, estate attorneys, insurance agents, and investment advisors.

Pallas Capital Advisors helps our clients discover our deepest values, convictions, and objectives as they relate to their money and capture their financial plan.

“We turn intellectual rigor, passion, and innovation into a phenomenal client experience.”

Managing Director & Co-Founder

Our Process

Estate planning is generally a highly technical process with tax codes, advanced planning ideas, legal documents and financial products. Our process conducted under your terms will help you develop a thoughtful and effective plan to achieve your personal and financial goals.

Based on our experience, we have developed a finely tuned process that will lead you through the following stages of financial planning:

  1. Engage
    We begin discussing how we work together and how we develop your plan.
  2. Data Gathering
     Ask you for pertinent information so we can perform a holistic review.
  3. Analyze
    We analyze information and present our findings.
  4. Design
    We will develop planning strategies and identify solutions that are appropriate and present you with a final plan. The plan will include proprietary financial models that accurately reflect how your plan will function today, over time and at life expectancy.
  5. Implement
    The team at Pallas, in conjunction with your other advisors (CPA’s, investment bankers, trust officers, etc.), execute all facets of the plan.
  6. On-going Service
    We continuously monitor the plan and make timely updates as needed. This is the hallmark of Pallas Capital Advisors.

Financial Planning Services

Retirement Planning

We take the time to understand and plan for your lifestyle, risk, pension and/or social security, retirement income needs and beneficiaries.

Family Needs Planning

We deliver comprehensive planning for your family, including education planning, special needs of children, and planning for aging parents.


We strive to create a complete, tax-efficient plan to protect your estate and family – will, durable power of attorney, living will, living trust.

Insurance, Liability & Credit

We review and enhance your approach to life insurance, long-term care, disability insurance, home loans and credit management.

Business Succession Planning

We review your business needs, conduct business valuations, assess cash and capital needs, and facilitate succession planning.

Executive Compensation

We provide stock option strategies, concentrated stock services, and knowledge in restricted securities and regulated areas (e.g., collateral loans, OTC collars).