Wealth Management Planning Today for Tomorrow’s Enjoyment

Achieving financial comfort and giving you back the precious commodity of time

Our Core Values Empower You

Delivering comprehensive trust and estate strategies through financial modeling, investment solutions, and continuity of coverage helping high net worth clients achieve financial comfort and freeing up their most precious commodity: time.


Freedom to bring unique, customized strategies. Innovation drives results.


Managing wealth should come with the deepest respect for responsibility and accountability. These core traits are inherent in our advisors navigating life with you.


Determination means never giving up. As stewards of your wealth, we are determined to provide your desired financial freedom.


Authentic passion for serving people is why Pallas was created. Creating long-lasting relationships that become lifetime friendships is truly an honor.

How We Serve Our Clients

We believe the success of our clients is inextricably linked to who we are, why we exist and our company culture.

The Pallas Story

Always searching for the best strategy to enhance one’s personal wealth brought these three colleagues together with decades of experience. Pallas Capital Advisors was created to provide freedom in wealth management strategies.


Richard Mullen

Founding Partner
Chief Executive Officer


Charles Evangelakos

Founding Partner
Chief Financial Officer


Greg Boyle

Founding Partner
Chief Growth Officer

At Pallas, we focus on comprehensive wealth management solutions.  What exactly does that mean? That means that we look at your whole financial picture and how it affects you and your family – that includes investments, risk management, estate planning strategies, tax minimization, and more as we work with your outside advisors.  We hear it all the time – “we only need asset management”, or “I already have a financial plan, it doesn’t need to be updated”.  That’s the Pallas difference – you can enjoy your life knowing that your whole financial picture is continuously monitored and updated as needed by your dedicated team at Pallas.  As your life evolves – your family grows, your business expands, or you have a different major life change – your financial plan evolves with you.  And, as stewards of your wealth, we’re there with you every step of the way.

Our Unique Advantage

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