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Who We Are

At Pallas, we’ve built a team of passionate, intelligent, objective financial advisors that focus on one thing: the client. We listen, we ask questions, and we craft wealth strategies that serve our clients’ life needs. Pallas Capital Advisors manages the complete continuity of coverage between all of their trusted advisors, giving them back the most valuable asset in their life: time.

Pallas is free from numerous conflicts inherent in large financial institutions. We recruit, retain, and reward the most talented people in our industry who share our mission: to extend the power of our clients’ prosperity, preserve their assets, and safeguard their way of life.

“We created Pallas because we believe the independent model has reached a state of readiness and become a game-changing opportunity to better enable us to help clients navigate and achieve their financial, life and family goals in today’s ever-changing and complex world.”

Managing Director & Co-Founder

Core Values

We believe the success of our clients is inextricably linked to who we are, why we exist and how we behave as a firm – our culture.

That is why we remain at all times driven by our core values:

  • We are committed to the highest standards of ethics.
  • We encourage an environment of diverse ideas, innovative perspectives and original thinking.
  • We embrace accountability as a hallmark of our firm, and we always keep clients updated and informed.
  • We invest our time and resources to support the communities in which we live and work, improving the quality of life for everyone.

“Pallas is unwavering in our commitment to the highest standards of professionalism as embodied in our firm’s values. These values drive everything we do – every action, every communication, every decision and interaction we have with every client, advisor and partner across our network.”

Managing Director & Co-Founder

Making a World of Difference

We work with highly successful individuals and families, executives, entrepreneurs, entertainers and professional athletes who help shape a better world by contributing time and money to essential philanthropic organizations. We share your values and commitment to causes, communities and society as a whole. That is why we continue to stay actively involved in supporting various charities and organizations – from serving on boards to making donations to volunteering our time. We look forward to continuing to together shaping a brighter tomorrow for future generations.